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Chiropractic Biophysics is the primary technique that Optimal Spine and Body uses to correct the spine and posture into its proper alignment. This is what separates our office from other chiropractors. It is a research based technique to help people with their chronic conditions where other healthcare providers couldn't in the past.


first visit

  • Welcome tour to feel at home

  • Brief introduction by the doctor of what to expect for the first day

  • Detailed history to gather information on what concerns you

  • Postural exam to evaluate any postural distortions affecting your health

  • Chiropractic exam that includes spinal movement assessment, orthopedic tests, neurological tests, and any others to help diagnose the root cause of the problem

  • X-rays to determine the alignment of the spine so an individualized treatment plan can be set


  • An in depth report of the X-rays in the Doctor’s office

  • Identification of the misalignments of the spine, also called subluxations, that are contributing to health problems

  • Clear detailed plan of action to resolve short term health goals and start the process of aligning the spine into its proper position

  • Treatment plan is laid out concisely so that the patient easily understands. It typically consists of specific spinal adjustments, postural/functional exercises, and a gentle spinal alignment traction


Chiropractic biophysics

  • The alignment of your spine is determined through digital postural and X-ray analysis using evidenced based guidelines to measure each individual angle.

  • A treatment plan is set with a simple concept to align the spine to its proper alignment.

  • Mirror Image exercises and adjustments are delivered to properly align the spine.

  • Individualized traction with the intention to correct the spine into proper alignment is prescribed.

  • X-rays are taken at the end of care plan to measure progress and make future recommendations for care based on the patient’s needs.

Treatment at Optimal spine and body

  • Spinal adjustments that utilize the hands, instruments, and drop table to safely and effectively start the healing process

  • Individualized spinal corrective traction that stretches the spine into its proper position for a more permanent solution

  • Specific exercises geared on correcting the posture. Family focus

Family oriented care

  • A healthy family is a core value of Optimal Spine and Body

  • With rising healthcare costs, we have family plans to allow the whole family to benefit from having an optimal spinal alignment


  • Many athletes today are getting chiropractic care

  • Young athletes need to have an optimal spinal alignment in order to thrive

  • Sport specific exercises may be prescribed

  • Sport specific exam may be done in order to optimize the performance on the field