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Beautiful office, wonderful staff, and a amazing doctor. Dr. Weiner is a medical healer and represent all things a great chiropractor/ doctor should be compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, and great listener. Thank you Dr. Weiner for everything, my mind, body, and spine thanks you for caring.
— Dori

Dr. Weiner is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about his work! He takes the time to explain what, how, and why he does what he does. He is very personable and informative. This makes it very easy to trust him with my overall health. I highly recommend this practice, as the front office staff is very welcoming and friendly as well!
— Adrienne

Dr. Weiner is one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever seen. He is thorough, explains everything he is doing so that you understand what treatment you will get, and customizes your treatment based off of what your problem is. The spine and nervous system are directly related to your health, and I am so glad that I got evaluated by him because I have seen improvements in my health that I wasn’t with any other provider! Thank you for helping me thrive Dr. Weiner!!
— Alyssa

Dr. Mike Weiner is a step above regular chiropractic care. His attention to detail is incredible. He cares very deeply about health and it shows with his patients and in his own life. Highly recommend!
— Broc

One of greatest ways to succeed in life is to have passion in what you do. Dr. Weiner is an exceptional example of this passion. He truly loves what he does. His knowledge & care are above the rest. From your first visit with him you will see what I am describing.
— Michele

Dr. Mike Weiner does exceptional work to not only help you through an issue with your health, but to correct things long term. The way he practices chiropractic is truly unique and something well worth exploring to optimize your health and wellness.
— Peter

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Weiner’s knowledge and passion of Chiropractic first hand. His dedication to his craft and his patients is quite impressive and will surely lead to his practice’s continued success.
— Carolyn

Dr. Mike is a fantastic chiropractor! His knowledge about chiropractic care and how to heal your body is unprecedented. It’s so down to earth and he will truly take the time to explain what is happening to you and your family. Would highly recommend him to anyone!
— Jason

Dr.Weiner is extremely knowledgable and passionate about Chiropractic care. He makes you feel so comfortable, really listens to your needs and explains the healing process through his care. Dr. Weiner & Optimal Body and Spine is truly a blessing!
— Janet

Dr. Mike is wonderful. A lot of health care practitioners have “listened” to me, but Dr. Mike heard me. His straightforward approach really helped me and gave me tools that I can use the rest of my life.
— Ted